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BlueTEC Modular

The first BlueTEC Modular has been installed and connected to the grid in the summer of 2015 and produces tidal electricity at Texel. The platform is therefore a commercial reality and can be visited by potential customers. At the end of 2015, the turbine under the platform was changed from a T1 to a larger T2 turbine.

BlueTEC Texel in operation
BlueTEC Texel in operation

The BlueTEC Modular platform installed near Texel is a smaller version of the BlueTEC system. It is a simple, robust, & easily transportable floating platform designed for producing electricity from tidal currents and is ideally suited for remote areas. Download the brochure or see our Texel project webpage.

Floating solution

This floating tidal energy solution offers significant advantages by accommodating most of the critical equipment above the waterline (where it is dry and protected), allowing for easy access for inspection and repair; resulting in low operation and maintenance costs. The device can be deployed as a single unit or in a small array of multiple units. When deployed in an array, the cost of energy can become even lower (e.g. due to the sharing of mooring points). It consists of container-size modules allowing for low cost transportation with regular sea freight containers. The modules can be assembled and the platform installed locally without sophisticated equipment.

Bluewater offers the platform, turbine, power cable and mooring system as a complete package. The BlueTEC system is turbine neutral. Currently it is offered with either Schottel Hydro or Tocardo turbines.


Off-grid application

A BlueTEC Modular can cause change in off-grid communities by providing reliable electricity. Unique for a renewable energy source, electricity generated by the BlueTEC from tidal currents is predictable, resulting in a robust power source. With low costs, high reliability and high predictability, and thus a wider availability of energy, a BlueTEC Modular deployment can result in:

  • Low cost of energy
  • Less fuel imports
  • Increased local economic development due to dependable source of electricity

 Technical Roadmap:

The platform will be scaled up in the future in terms of the number and capacity of the tidal turbines it holds.

A mid-size BlueTEC Modular platform can for instance two tidal turbines with an aggregated capacity of around 500 kW and aims at early development of large arrays, as well as for islands and remote locations.
Ultimately, for large farm applications, a large, more robust BlueTEC platform will be equipped with two tidal turbines with an aggregated capacity of 2-3 MW.

BlueTEC Modular 200 kW
BlueTEC Modular with a single turbine
BlueTEC Modular with multiple turbines
BlueTEC Modular with multiple turbines


  • Incremental growth advantages
    • Smart progress achieved with small technological steps
    • Learn at low cost, grow with minimized risk
    • Use proven technology to gradually increase capacity
    • Keep offshore access available

Realistic Farm Development

  1. Start with initial array of smaller BlueTEC units, using today’s technology
    •  Requires low initial investment and low grid capacity
    • Use flexible, modular, floating units, decreasing risks
  1. Test & prove the site, easy offshore access in early stage
  2. Use the results for to secure investment in next phase
  3. Develop full farm using larger units

Fast deployment

Construction started in January 2015 and hence the project was delivered from drawing to production in just 6 months!


If you want to know if a BlueTEC Modular is suitable for your location or for other inquiries feel free to contact us at : new.energy@bluewater.com or use the contact form.

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