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Bluewater was established in 1978 by Oil & Gas veterans who where convinced of the feasibility of Floating Production in combination with Single Point Mooring technology even when applied in environmentally exposed areas.

From the word go, in 1978, Bluewater launched pioneering innovations such as the Turret Moored CALM Buoy, commonly known as the ‘Turret Buoy’. This innovation enabled us to provide reliable and overhaul-free operations for our clients. Every single one of the numerous Turret Buoys has been permanently operational at the lowest possible life-cycle costs in the industry – many for more than twenty-five years.

In the early 1980s, our clients’ need to permanently moor large vessels in shallow water and under harsh conditions resulted in another remarkable innovation: the Wishbone Mooring System. Ever since its introduction the Wishbone has been successfully applied in many projects, connected to a CALM Buoy or to a Tower System.

In 1985 Bluewater already owned and operated FPSOs in the Far East, Africa and the Mediterranean.

In 1993 Hugo Heerema acquired Bluewater and gave the company a renewed impulse to further develop its innovative technology. One of his goals was to achieve a prominent position in the challenging North Sea environment with leased production systems. In 1995 this was realised with Bluewater’s first FPSO, ‘Uisge Gorm’, achieving first oil. This was just the beginning of a series of FPSOs owned, leased and operated by Bluewater in the North Sea and later also in other areas of the world such as China, South Africa and East Timor.

Today we can say that Bluewater has built a lead specialising in the design, development, lease and operation of tanker-based production and storage systems. In addition, we have become a leading provider of innovative Single Point Mooring systems, of which we have supplied over a hundred thus far. We have also delivered internal turrets, external turrets, disconnectable turrets, loading and offloading towers, CALMs and CBMs to all corners of the world. Most of these systems are tailor-made for their specific application, whether in benign climates, harsh environments or Arctic conditions.

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