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HSEQ Policy

Bluewater is committed to deliver quality, satisfy applicable requirements and continuously improve throughout all its activities.

To this end the company goals are formulated by top management, taking into account requirements from interested parties.

At Bluewater a pro-active, responsible approach to safety and environmental care is an essential part of doing our work. We require the participation of all our staff and contractors to implement this approach.

We aim to actively minimise and control any health and safety risks, to minimise the adverse impacts of our activities on the environment and to keep improving our work processes. As such, we will drive the development and implementation of industry best practices.

With all our personnel collectively and individually taking their responsibility and accepting accountability for Bluewater’s HSEQ performance, we create and maintain a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly place to work.


Hugo J. Heerema
President & CEO
September 2017

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