Oceans of knowledge

Safety put into practice

Offshore the crew forms an organisation that needs to be able to function autonomously. The OIM is responsible for the safety and health of everyone on board. As such, he is the “conscience” of the company on board. He is supported by a Safety Advisor and a full crew of qualified personnel.

During a project, all health, safety and environmental aspects are covered by the HSE plan. This plan is compiled by HSE engineers based on their experience and adapted to the type of project and to specific client requirements. After that, it is imperative to ensure the plan remains adequate and is adhered to as closely as possible.

In the offices two main safety areas can be identified:

  • Engineers provide support to offshore personnel and operations. Proposed design changes are evaluated and the risks associated with their realization are assessed and controlled.
  • Engineers need to look after their own health in the office. This is why we have OHS committees for our main offices.

Other activities
In any other activity it is our philosophy to analyse the planned task or activity to the right level of detail to enable adequate risk assessment. The risk assessment is then carried out by qualified personnel with the level of competence required to address all relevant issues. During the risk assessment, many mitigating measures are identified to control or eliminate identified risks. The activity is carried following completion of the risk assessment.

The effectiveness of our safety effort is evaluated on a continuous basis by the personnel involved. It is also audited by independent officials and subject to evaluation by competent third parties. With these safeguards we feel confident that we can continue to do business in the safest way possible.

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