Oceans of knowledge

Code of Conduct

Dear stakeholder,

As an independent world-class provider of innovative, solid technologies and services we are always securing our leading market position. But we can only do so if we enhance our knowledge, expertise and flexibility by acting ethically and lawfully in accordance with our values and belief in what we do. We should never compromise on safety, integrity or quality or compromise our personal integrity or the company’s reputation for short term gain. This Code of Conduct is based on our belief that by making ethical choices and being guided by integrity and honesty we can move forward with confidence in our ability to make the right decisions that build trust with our customers and partners and protect our people, our assets and reputation.

This Code of Conduct provides you with guidelines to help you recognize and deal with ethical issues. It will provide you with mechanisms to report unethical conduct to help and foster a culture of honesty and accountability where we will be transparent about our motives, learn from our mistakes, and ask for help when faced with a difficult situation.

The Code of Conduct emphasizes the role that each of us plays in building trust, and the approach you should take in making decisions. We expect anyone who is employed by Bluewater and/or has a business relation with Bluewater to apply these principles in his or her daily work.

Thank you very much.
Hugo J. Heerema