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FPSO Operations

Bluewater owns and operates a fleet of five Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) installations leased to oil companies. 

Since 1985, Bluewater has leased its FPSO installations to oil companies for the production of their offshore oil and gas fields worldwide. FPSO Operations Services have the experience needed to provide client oil companies with the services needed to maximise oil & gas production and efficiency, minimise downtime and overcome a host of economic, environmental, logistical and technological hurdles and challenges.

The prime objective of the FPSO operations services is safe and cost-effective operations and delivery of oil & gas products to the shuttle tankers and/or to shore in line with the agreements and budget criteria of our client oil companies.

While the FPSOs are in operation, Bluewater continues to provide engineering expertise needed to maintain high FPSO uptimes. Having this technical expertise in-house minimises reliance on subcontractors, enabling Bluewater to better manage the risks associated with FPSO operations