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Floating Production & Storage Facilities

Bluewater is a leader in the design of systems for the safe conveyance of produced hydrocarbons from wellhead to production vessel, and from floating storage to export tankers.

We provide the core engineering and design expertise needed to develop these systems, through conversion of existing tankers or through new-build projects. Having such technical expertise in-house minimises reliance on sub-contractors. This enables Bluewater to continually evolve and improve design processes and to better manage the risks associated with project interfaces.

What’s more, our expertise goes beyond all aspects of design, engineering and construction to include system installation and operational issues.

FPSO and FSO (Floating Storage and Offload) vessels are often supplied with a mooring system, depending on client requirements. The mooring system can be completely integrated into the hull structure, as in the case of internal or external turret mooring systems, or other mooring solutions may be employed such as tower mooring systems for shallow water.

Bluewater offers a wide range of activities and capabilities for FPSO/FSO development, including:

  • System layout
  • Mooring concept development
  • Basic and detailed design
  • Model testing
  • Tanker evaluation and selection
  • Yard selection
  • Tanker conversion
  • Yard supervision
  • Purchasing and expediting of speciality equipment
  • Design and procurement of process equipment
  • Construction and commissioning supervision
  • Offshore installation
  • Offshore operation and shore base management