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Floating Wind Systems


For offshore renewable energy production, Bluewater has developed the Bluewater Floating Wind TLP (Tension Leg Platform) for Offshore Floating Wind Power generation and for tidal energy the Bluewater Tidal Energy Converter platform (BLUETEC)

Bluewater Floating Wind Tension Leg Platform is a permanently moored floating platform that supports a wind turbine generator (WTG). The Tension Leg Platform (TLP) uses the buoyancy of its floater to tension mooring lines between the floater and the anchor points in order to stay stable. Bluewater has developed the Floating Wind TLP for harsh offshore conditions with strong winds, and can be deployed in water depths from 50 to 500 m.

The floating wind TLP is lightweight compared to other types of floating foundations and includes innovations in the floater, tether system, anchor point and installation equipment.
The floater is located under the wave zone, where the structure experiences the least impact from waves and current in areas, which may be located in hurricane- and earthquake-prone regions.
The modular floater can be assembled quickly and pre-commissioned at the quayside. The offshore installation is executed in two steps, firstly the TLP followed by the WTG. An innovative slip joint allows a direct lift of the WTG on the TLP without the need of an expensive heavy lift vessel.
The TLP has minimal wave induced motions, which has a large advantage both for the WTG and the power cable.

The design of the TLP floater is scalable and will be optimized for each floating wind project. Bluewater’s fully integrated simulation tool for hydrodynamic, aerodynamic and structural analysis enables a fast and compliant design process.