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Floating (Production), Storage & Offloading (F(P)SO)

The Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel includes all systems to enable offshore production of oil and gas.

The vessel also accommodates large oil tanks for temporary storage until the produced oil can be offloaded into a (shuttle) tanker. Bluewater performs designs for new FPSOs in-house, but only for the company’s own fleet. All these vessels are based on AfraMax size tankers, whose oil storage capacity (approx. 600,000 bbls) is perfectly geared to a trading parcel size of 500,000 bbls. Vessels of this type are particularly suitable for mooring in harsh environments such as the North Sea, and are small enough to limit the mooring loads and thus the costs of mooring systems.

The conversion of a tanker to FPSO involves three main sub-projects: upgrading the tanker hull, integrating a Turret Mooring System and integrating process topsides.

Upgrading the tanker hull
The tanker hull needs to be upgraded to serve as the basis for the FPSO. The hull structures need to be strengthened to provide support to the turret mooring system as well as to the process topsides, and to limit the fatigue damage caused by the continuous impact of waves at the offshore field. The tanker crew facilities need to be increased to accommodate a much larger operating crew. Vessel motions are reduced by increased bilge keels and heading control thruster(s). Limiting the vessel motions at the offshore field will reduce sea sickness of the crew, as well as increase the process efficiency of the topsides to separate oil from water en gas.

Tanker hull upgrade
Tanker hull upgrade
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