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The production of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG)

The Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) production vessel includes all systems to enable offshore liquefaction of natural gas into LNG. Typically, Liquefied Petroleum Gas and condensates are produced in addition to LNG.

Bluewater has developed a conceptual design for two million tonnes of FLNG per annum. This concept is based on a pre-cooled mixed refrigerant process that uses non-combustible refrigerants for pre-cooling.

To limit the loss of refrigerant, the system is provided with a unique start-up and shut-down facility that controls the pressure in the system. To optimise the safety of the plant, the Bluewater FLNG concept is based on the all-electric drive of compressors, allowing the generation of power to take place far away from the most hazardous areas. To avoid the need for large variable speed drive electric controls, the speed control of the compressors is based on a direct drive using an electric shaft between a power generation unit and compressor.

After start-up, the power generation and compressor motor can be connected to common bus bars, allowing power redundancy from a stand-by power generator. The LNG that is produced is stored in very robust cylindrical type-C tanks. The Bluewater FLNG field concept allows limited LNG storage on board the FLNG vessel thanks to the introduction of an additional (dedicated) shuttle LNG carrier to allow offloading by opportunity, reducing the need for large on-board storage capacity.

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