Choosing Bluewater

At Bluewater we use our decades of experience to provide safe and reliable offshore solutions. We take pride in being one of the technological leaders for offshore mooring and energy production systems. We take care, think dynamically, are inspired to make impact and are committed to deliver.

Corporate Responsibility

We realise and take action to carry responsibility for employees, customers, society and environment. The basis for this is responsible and sustainable action, the active involvement of all employees and an open dialogue with relevant external stakeholders.

Renewable energy solutions

We are committed to direct our innovative power to energy efficient and emission-less production and transfer of energy offshore. This includes solutions for renewable energy as well as continued development of existing energy related solutions to give answer to the continuing, global energy demand.

FPSO Fleet

Bluewater owns and operates a fleet of high specification FPSOs designed to operate in the harshest environmental conditions, under the most stringent regulatory regimes.