Marine & Sub-sea

Marine & Sub-sea

24/7/365 (24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year), marine and subsea experts on board the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) installations and at the onshore support offices ensure that marine operations are planned and executed in a safe manner, such as:

  • oil storage in the cargo tanks
  • sea water ballast distribution
  • oil offloading to shuttle tankers
  • support vessel operations (platform supply vessels, tugs, diving support vessels, subsea maintenance & construction vessels)
  • offshore material handling
  • subsea maintenance and inspection of the FPSO’s hull and moorings.

The Offshore Marine Superintendent on board the FPSO is responsible for ensuring that the hull strength and stability parameters of the FPSO are within the safe values specified, by distributing produced crude oil and ballast correctly in the hull.

The Offshore Marine Superintendent and his/her team are in charge of material handling activities on board the FPSO, such as loading and back-loading materials and consumables from and to Platform Supply Vessels

Onshore Marine Superintendents in consultation with the Offshore Marine Superintendents are responsible for up-to-date procedures, which includes establishing and maintaining appropriate dry-docking procedures.

Several of Bluewater’s FPSOs are disconnectable or operate in Dynamic Positioning mode, subject to all maritime requirements for trading tankers. Accordingly, they observe marine operating procedures.

FPSO Munin in dry-dock, mobilising for operating at the next oil field

FPSO crane lifting consumables from a supply vessel.