Multi Product Swivels

Multi Product Swivels

The key component for Single Point Mooring systems is the multi product swivel that enables the transfer of liquids, gasses, chemicals, but also electrical power, hydraulics and signals to the freely weathervaning vessel.

Standard swivel modules are available in throughput sizes 4”, 7”, 10”, 12” and 14” with single or double throughput of this size, design pressures up to 350 barg or even 700 barg.

A robust passive sealing system is applied. There is no active pressurization system required to operate. Four (4) dynamic sealing barriers prevent any exposure to environment. This main sealing system is additionally protected by a debris wiper seal. Materials applied are generally high grade carbon steels or duplex steel. Internal Inconel cladding is also possible.

The swivel modules are driven by a rotation-torque-free driving arm system that minimizes the loads on the stack, surrounding structure and lower turret interface.

Bluewater Test Facility
In Bluewater’s Swivel test facility continuous R&D results in developments of special products like multi path large bore LNG swivels and Compact Ultra High Voltage slip rings Swivels seals are developed for pressures of 700 barg and diameters beyond 2.2m. Currently tests are ongoing for a Cryogenic multi path swivel accompanied with all required sealing qualifications. Temperatures in these tests go down to -196°C.

Bluewater’s toroidal swivel stacks are built up from standard modular components that are simply stacked on top of each other.

The low height modules provide easy access and result in overall lower height stacks, contributing to decreased loads on environment.

Bluewater has experience with engineering and construction of a large number of swivel stacks with heights up to 30 meters weighing over 360 Metric Tons.
No complicating internal piping is required which makes the swivel stack easy to assemble and easy to maintain. Swivel modules can be exchanged or upgraded in a flexible way.