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Multi Product Swivels

One of the key components of Floating Production Systems is the multi product swivel. This component enables the production vessel to freely weathervane, while transferring oil, water and gas streams (as well as electric power, utilities, chemicals and optical signals), without interruption

The multi product swivel concept is based on a number of standardised modules stacked on top of each other. This modular concept offers complete flexibility for any project requirement and can be adapted to suit the required number of “flowpaths” and “volumes of flow”. Furthermore, it allows for easy spare-part maintenance and expandability.

Single Point Mooring Systems, which are used to load and unload tankers offshore, also employ swivel systems. However, their requirements are less demanding (lower pressures, volumes, flowpaths, etc) and as such these units, which essentially apply the same principle, are simpler and smaller.

On-going research and development
Bluewater has invested more than 20 years of research and testing to developing and improving its sealing technology. Testing will continue with the aim of enhancing swivel applications in terms of pressures, temperatures and capacities.



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