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BlueTEC Philosophy

BlueTEC Philosophy

Bluewater’s Tidal Energy Converter (BlueTEC) is a floating support platform for tidal turbines. Unlike conventional bottom founded designs, BlueTEC offers significant advantages by accommodating most of the critical equipment above the waterline, where it is dry and protected, allowing for easy access for inspection and repair.

Bluewater developed BlueTEC during several years of R&D and testing. The main focus during the development process was on:

  • Low manufacturing and marine installation costs (low CAPEX)
  • Low maintenance costs by providing easy access for minor inspections and repairs; the cost of access typically consumes up to 80% of operating costs of other solutions in the industry (low OPEX)
  • Higher energy output compared to other devices

By providing more energy at a lower cost, BlueTEC aims to improve the cost per MWh of the electricity produced (€/MWh). Lower costs and higher production levels combine into a powerful proposition that will help to make tidal energy projects commercially attractive.

The main advantages of BlueTEC are:

  • Electrical equipment safely inside floating body, direct access for inspection and maintenance
  • Dry power cable connection inside
  • Suitable for any water depth
  • Easy installation and retrieval

New Energy Department

Bluewater is dedicated to using its specialised skills and experience in marine engineering, installation, operation and maintenance for the development of cost-effective solutions in renewable marine energy generation. Since we have been delivering and operating floating support platforms for over 30 years, this is a natural diversification of Bluewater’s existing portfolio.

Our New Energy Department’s focus is on the emerging tidal energy industry introducing BlueTEC, a floating platform for all tidal turbines. With BlueTEC, Bluewater launches a game changing concept in the tidal energy industry. While increasing power output, BlueTEC reduces the risk and cost of tidal energy projects.

Compared to other Bluewater products, the size of a single BlueTEC unit is similar to a typical SPM CALM buoy of which Bluewater has designed, manufactured and installed more than a hundred worldwide. Multiple BlueTEC platforms can be joined together at a particular site with suitable tidal currents, resulting in a tidal farm. Designing, building, owning and operating a BlueTEC tidal farm of, say, one hundred units would be comparable to a typical Bluewater FPSO project.

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